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The Doodle Threads lovely new website, (that you are looking at now), launched in October 2017. It started out with about 15 designs. 15 designs that seemed to take forever to have digitised and tested. But now look, my design catalogue is growing so fast, with lots of quirky and colourful designs – and I have people testing for me from all over the world. So it seems that Doodle Threads is now well on its way to producing designs that you will want to stitch.

Sadly my Mac and Windows Parallel did not get on, and I had to give in and get a PC. But better to save my Mac from constantly having to fight off the demands of an operating system that refused to meet it at least half way. My Mac is now distressing, and sits in a corner calmly waiting for other interesting tasks.

2018 has got off to a flying start with guinea pigs, tutus, skulls and afternoon tea. Designs are flying off my screen quicker than the testers can test them. I’m going into the year with a head full of ideas, I just wish I could design and stitch as quick as the ideas appear in my thoughts.