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Terms & Conditions

All the designs on our website are the property of Doodle Threads.

What you can do with Doodle Thread patterns …

Doodle Threads creates machine embroidery patterns for you to stitch onto anything you wish.  We are happy for you to sell anything that you embroider our designs onto.  You can use the patterns over and over, there is no limit to how many times you can use the patterns that you purchase.  If you are selling at a craft fair, then by all means – make lots of craft items that include our designs.

You can change the colours of the designs – in fact, have fun with them, play about with colour changes, choose your own favourite colours.  You can add text to your designs or incorporate them into other designs, however they still remain under the copyright of Doodle Threads  (see below re: what you cannot do with incorporated designs).  You may resize them if your machine has this facility.  However, the quality of the stitch out cannot be recommended when a pattern is resized, and Doodle Threads will not accept responsibility for the quality of stitching when a pattern is resized.  The stitch out may become too dense, too thin or distorted.

What you can’t do with Doodle Thread patterns …

All of our patterns are designed, digitised and tested rigourously.  They take many hours to produce, and are designed with love, passion and a lot of patience.

Once you have purchased your patterns or have downloaded a free design, they are yours to use.  But, you cannot share the patterns, whether you have purchased them or have downloaded the free designs, in digital or downloaded format.  The patterns cannot be sold, passed on to someone else, shared, swapped, gifted  or traded.  If they are incorporated into other designs, they cannot be sold as a combined digital downloads, or passed on to someone else, shared, swapped, gifted or traded as a digital download.  You cannot edit the designs, or copy them.   If you pass them onto others, whether you have purchased them or downloaded the free designs, you are reducing the amount of sales that go through our site.  If someone you knows admires the patterns, send them in our direction – that way, they can buy for themselves, see what else we have to sell, thus enabling us to produce more.

All patterns whether purchased or free, are the copyright of Doodle Threads Machine Embroidery Designs.

Discount Codes

From time to time, discount codes are given out to people who are members of the Machine Embroidery by Doodle Threads Facebook group, or to people who test for Doodle Threads.  These codes are normally one-off codes, to be used only by the person that has received them from Doodle Threads.  On some occasions, the codes may be time limited with the chance to use as many times as you like within the time period.  You cannot pass these codes on to someone else, share, gift or trade them.


Due to the nature of digital files, we are unable to give refunds for any purchase.  Please ensure that you understand you are purchasing a digital machine embroidery file. Please see our FAQs for more information.