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Who am I?

Hello there, I’m Denise Nardone and I’ve been sketching and doodling for many years, on scrappy bits of paper, in homemade books, in the margins of notebooks when I’ve been bored in meetings – the result, oodles of doodles and sketches, waiting to become something.

Martha and Denise

I have no formal training as an artist, but one of the highlights of my sketching life was when I was taking shelter from the rain under the picturesque packhorse bridge at Hebden Bridge.  Sketchbook in hand, I looked up to see a little girl watching me.  She asked, ‘are you an artist’, to which I replied, ‘yes’.  She seemed pleased that she had met a real artist.  What a thrill for us both.

I always wanted to do something with my sketches, and often thought that one day, time and money permitting, I’d learn to digitise – my mission was to see my sketches stitched out and to create machine embroidery designs for others to enjoy.  And thus began my journey into the world of machine embroidery.